Welcome to Chai Tech!

We're excited you're participating in this innovative, online training program that will prepare you for your bar/bat mitzvah.  You will be able to access the program from your laptop, tablet or mobile device at any time and from anywhere.  

There are 36 lessons.  Each lesson will cover a topic that iwll help in your preparation and includes:

  • information about the topic;
  • self-checks to ensure you're comfortable and knowledgeable about the content of the lesson;
  • a short quiz; and
  • a project that will allow you to explore a particular subject understanding the meaning of a tradition, or apply what you're learning to your world.
Encourage your parents to join you as you move through this course.  And most importantly -- have FUN!!
To get started, click on "Courses in the left hand menu bar.  "Chai Tech Learning" will drop down and under Chai Tech Learning will be your affiliated program.  When you click on the program where you are enrolled, you will see "Prep Program".  Click on that and it will take you to your lessons.  If you have questions, contact your coach or tutor for assistance or email info@chaitechlearning.com.  

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